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KALEIDOSCOPE’s new issue 43 (Fall/Winter 2023) launches with a set of six covers.

On the occasion of his long-awaited sophomore album, Lahai, released this fall to universal acclaim, we capture SAMPHA in San Francisco through the lens of Liam McRae. In an accompanying interview by Felix Petty, the artist describes the record as an exploration of loss and healing, reflecting on the passing of his parents, the birth of his daughter, and the inevitably cyclical nature of life and memory.

Shot by Jeremy Liebman in his New York studio, ALEX KATZ talks to Lola Kramer about his 78 years of painting practice. Across these decades, he’s maintained a revelatory and playful eye for the essence of the image: whether it’s a landscape, a self-portrait, flowers, his wife, or images appropriated from advertising, there’s a glossy, stylized truth at the heart of the work.

With a career stretching from the pre-9/11 nihilistic hedonism of New York City to the gamified, small-screen fictions of TikTok’s psychedelic everyday, filmmaker and artist HARMONY KORINE is emblematic of America’s aesthetics. Photographed in Miami by Daniel Arnold, he talks to Lil Internet about his latest film, Aggro Dr1ft, where worldbuilding and AI push narrative cinema to its glitching limits.

The most ubiquitous of fabrics, with a history dating back to the 17th century and a lead role in many subcultural revolutions, denim has recently been dominating the stage once again, reconceptualized through the warping lens of luxury fashion. Paying homage to its undying relevance, DENIM SAGA features an essay by Matthew Linde, a taxonomy by Bertie Brandes, and a fashion centerfold by photographer Reto Schmid.

A new photo reportage by DEXTER NAVY takes us on a journey to The Faiyum Oasis, a small sanctuary of life springing out of the harshness of the desert in Egypt. Led by a desire to reconnect with his own roots, the British-Egyptian photographer spent time with the Bedouin tribes who populate the region, navigating existence with graceful frugality.

In her current retrospective exhibition at Berlin's Neue Nationalgalerie, ISA GENZKEN presents 75 sculptural assemblages from across her career to celebrate her 75th birthday. On this occasion, Kyla McDonal sorted through her archive of invitation cards—historical documents which double as allegories of communication and traces of an unfixed identity.

In our front-of-the-book section, ESCAPE TO MIAMI portrays the most southernly city in the US, existing in the tropical recesses of the American imagination: land of celebrity, thunderstorms, Tony Montana, and Art Deco architecture. Here, we meet the latest generation of Miamians—committed radicals in the fields of art, fashion, and music who are dreaming up new narratives for the city they call home. Featuring Andrew Downtown, Cat Power, Susan Kim Alvarez, Nite Owl Drive-In, and Rice Hotel, photographed by Sam Hayes.

For this issue’s Carte Blanche section, KALEIDOSCOPE invites independent Paris-based publisher RED LEBANESE to present Hanabi, a new project by Pablo Jomaron and Ben Dorado. In this space of freedom, they confront and juxtapose their work to invent new narratives, focusing on personal storytelling through their respective photographic practices.

Also featured in this issue: London-based band Bar Italia (photography by Jessica Madavo and interview by Conor McTernan), the archives of Hysteric Glamour (photography by Lorenzo Dalbosco and interview by Akio Kunisawa), Japanese underground illustrator Yoshitaka Amano (words by Alex Shulan), Marseille-based young artist Sara Sadik (photography by Nicolas Poillot and interview by Daria Miricola), a survey about Japanese hip-hop’s new scene starring Tohji (photography by Taito Itateyama and words by Ashley Ogawa Clarke), Richard Prince’s new book“TheEntertainers” (words by Brad Phillips), “New Art: London” (featuring Adam Farah-Saad, Lenard Giller, Charlie Osborne, R.I.P. Germain, and Olukemi Ljiadu, photographed by Bolade Banjo and interviewed by Ben Broome).

    30 × 23 cm, Softcover, 2023